1. Hirei

    [BUYING] Kamen Rider IXA and Kamen Rider Delta / Kaxia Belts and Weapons

    Looking for: -Kamen Rider IXA DX Henshin Belt -Kamen Rider IXA Calibur DX -Kamen Rider IXA Riser DX -Kamen Rider Faiz 555 DX Delta Driver Belt -Kamen Rider Faiz 555 DX Kaxia Driver Belt -Kamen RIder Faiz 555 DX Kaxia Pointer -Kamen RIder Faiz 555 DX Kaxia Shooter -Kamen RIder Faiz 555 DX...
  2. X

    [BUYING] Kamen Rider Gaim Roleplay Toys

    Hello. I was wondering if anyone has any of these items to sell at a reasonable price. -DX Sonic Arrow with Lemon Energy Lockseed -DX Suika Lockseed -DX Ichigo Lockseed -DX Mango Lockseed -DX Kachidoki Lockseed -DX Kiwami Lockseed I would like to have them as a bundle but am flexible enough to...
  3. MagusKaizer

    [BUYING] ganbaride card singles

    I'm looking to buy a mess of ganbaride cards normally I would ask my friend in japan about it but I kinda wanna take a little load off his shoulders since he finds me a lot of other things. any chance anyone could help a guy out, since I don't really know how much ganbaride cards really go for I...
  4. K

    OOO PuToTyra Figuart

    BUYING OOO PuToTyra Figuart Is anyone selling a PuToTyra Figuart? or at least somewhere I can buy one around 30 bucks?
  5. G

    Kamen Rider Hibiki DX Ongeki Bou Set

    EDIT: I've got my seller. Thanks for the offers. I may be looking for an Ongeki Kan soon too, so I'll make a new topic if that's the case. Hello again, all. So I can finally stop saying "I have every main Rider belt from Blade up except Hibiki", I'd like to get the Ongeki Bou set. (The belt and...
  6. A

    Shinkenmaru & ShinkenOh WTB

    As title. Reply or send a mail to tyhs007@hotmail.com
  7. Ryuga_knight

    Rin Kagamine Figma

    I have been looking everywhere for one and if you will sell one I will pay you well for what it is worth!:thumbs: Things I may also use to sweeten the deal (As in depending on the price you give you may get one or all of these free): Resident Evil the Umbrella Chronicles (Wii) Resident Evil...
  8. O

    Junker/Damaged SIC Ibuki.

    Hi. I'm on the lookout for a SIC Ibuki that's either damaged/missing its accessories. So long as the torso, upper legs and upper arms are intact I'm willing to buy it. It can be missing everything else, not really fussed. Looking to pay $10-15.
  9. Ryuga_knight

    Hibiki Onsa Onkaku

    I've been looking for the Kamen rider Hibiki, DX Onsa Onkaku (turning fork) for a while, so if you have the Onsa Onkaku or know where I can get one for 25 dollars or less please contact me, thank you.