1. illiniguy34

    [SELLING] illiniguy34's ebay Boukenger sale

    As of lately, I've been selling most of my Super Sentai collection to help pay for college. Right now, all I have left to sell is Gogo Drill, Gogo Shovel, Gogo Mixer, Gogo Crane, Gogo Jet, and Daivoyager. Links will be provided for their listings. Everything is complete and the only sort of...
  2. hakaider

    [BUYING] Seeking Candy toys/Minipla (Boukenger & Goseiger mainly)

    Looking to by a few candy toys/minipla models, including: Goseiger Mystic Brother (green ostrich) Boukenger GoGo Jet Boukenger DaiVoyager Still in box would be ideal, obviously, but I'm happy to buy pre-assembled stuff if the stickers look decent. If you have anything Go-Onger or Gekiranger...