1. Toku Prime

    Shin Kamen Rider

    If you go to the official Kamen Rider website then you will see that they have updated it with three countdowns labelled "Project 1," "Project 2," and "Project 3." All three countdowns will reach zero within a twelve hour period. People smarter than me have figured out that the countdowns will...
  2. nerefir

    Happy birthday Takashi Ukaji (Kougami)

    On August 15, 1962 he was born! :happybirt Happy Birthday!! - YouTube Happy Birthday! - YouTube
  3. nerefir

    Happy birthday Ryosuke Miura!

    He plays Ankh in Kamen Rider OOO and was in Sazer X. Happy 24th to this awesome guy! :happybirt:happybirt:happybirt:happybirt From the set of OOO. The presents he got. Scented steamer thingy. Headphones. They are from this guy. And his mom.
  4. nerefir

    Happy birthday Eitoku!

    It's already January 16 in Japan so Happy birthday Eitoku! Picspam: And some videos. 限界Revolution YouTube - 永徳 ~ オリコカード CM YouTube - Kamen Rider Birth - First Appearance and Revealing :castlerock:
  5. nerefir

    Happy Birthday Jiro Okamoto!

    From Kamen Rider BLACK and RX to Shinkengold and Gosei Knight (and a hell of a lot more!), this awesome dude has been playing butt-kicking heroes for over 20 years! :castlerock: :happybirt :DJsmile::jam::band: Obligatory picspam! YouTube - ??Revolution It's not quite the 5th for me...