1. Toku Prime

    Kamen Rider Zi-O, Episode 07 & 08 (Wizard tribute)

    Mayonnaise! This double episode: A man gains an obsessive desire to protect a woman he barely knows, the story hinges on an (engagement) ring, and Beast has barely anything to do with the story yet is vital to winning the day. This really is a Wizard episode! Also, I'm surprised they didn't...
  2. tigerblood

    unKameCast ----> PEZ's Sweet Nothings

    http://wp.me/p2foY6-7f Fourze 33 Kyoto always makes me think of 02, and I love the "Edo" outfits some of the KRC gets into. Also the plot is beginning to tie its off-shooting elements together, YEAH!! This was a fun episode. Super Hero Time dated: 4/29/2012...