1. Sleepy-Hillhurst

    Beetleborgs and B-Fighter LJ Community

    I just want to tell you that there's a Beetleborgs/ B-Fighter Livejournal Community over here, that is if you're interested: http://community.livejournal.com/beetleborgsfans/ Although this is not a place where you'll find character bios or episode synopses as many sites have already done that...
  2. Sleepy-Hillhurst


    BEETLEBORGS FANART!!!...well actually it's just the Hillhurst House Monsters, but it's still considered Beetleborgs fanart lol! Here are a few (characters include Flabber, Count Fangula, Wolfgang (Wolfie), Frankenbeans, and the Pipettes): More could be seen from my deviantart lol XD