1. TJOmega

    Gigascan (OOO Combo Change Medley)

    Had to upload this one to Blip so embed doesn't work here, click the link to view the video: http://blip.tv/tj-tv/ooo-gigascan-5648851
  2. SilverFX

    Toaru Majutsu No Index [AMV] "At The Top"

    An AMV I created in tribute to Toaru Majutsu No Index. Feedback would be appreciated. I decided to do the best I could with VFX. :thumbs: YouTube - Toaru Majutsu No Index [AMV] "At The Top"
  3. SilverFX

    Darker Than Black -Brakes On- [AMV]

    I just started watching this new anime Darker Than Black and I really like it. I decided to create a music video in tribute to the show, and I didn't go crazy with VFX. All the rest of the details are on the video. Feed back is much appreciated! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WY78pWoD1Nc