1. Reimon

    Favorite AKB48 Summer Songs

    There's various songs that AKB48 sings & wear swimsuits/bikinis for a Summer theme. Which is your favorite song for summer theme & why?
  2. hmf_master

    48秒戦隊エケレンジャーシリーズ [48 Second Sentai AKRanger Series]

    This is an AKB48 Parody of Tokusatsu They are called 48 Second Sentai cause they only have Power for 48 Second and their enemy is called White Evil White Satan, who like to make everything white 48秒戦隊エケレンジャー Part 1 48秒戦隊エケレンジャー Part 2 48秒戦隊エケレンジャー Part 3 48秒戦隊エケレンジャー Part 4 48秒戦隊エケレンジャー Part 5
  3. richardthebrave

    Anime Expo 2010 - Guess Who Is Coming To Town?

    ... Santa Claus?? of course not! :sweat: it's AKB48~!!! AKB48 has been invited to be a guest of honor for this upcoming Anime Expo 2010 in L.A. The said expo will start from July 1 up to July 4. AKB48 will be having a 1-day concert on the first day of this convention. So what's so great...