20th anniversary

  1. TokuPrime

    Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger 20th: Fireball Booster

    Yes, the Deka crew are back again with a new V-Cinext special, which means it will get a limited theatrical run (coming in summer 2024) followed by a wider release on DVD and Blu-Ray (expected to be November 13th 2024). Pre-orders for the special are apparently already available and bundle the...
  2. TokuPrime

    Kamen Rider Faiz: Paradise Regained

    Toei have announced that their next V-CINEXT project will be a celebration of the 20th anniversary of Kamen Rider Faiz. A new film called Kamen Rider Faiz: Paradise Regained is to be released (IIRC V-CINEXT films usually get a limited cinema release before going to video) in 2024. The infamous...
  3. Toku Prime

    GoGoV 20th Anniversary Teased

    So the website 55v-20.com has appeared on the internet, and appears to be counting down until Saturday the 29th June. As some of you might be aware, the number five is pronounced "go" in Japanese, so the website's name is basically "GoGoV 20". There was an accompanying announcement saying that...