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  1. lindbergh

    Video Games The new Mortal Kombat

    Were you impressed by the Mortal Kombat that went out for the PS3? I was. The game was brutal and fun. The new X-ray attacks were very cool and the! Very very gruesome. Now, there's a new Mortal Kombat in development. It has next gen graphics and new kinks to the fighting...
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    Animation Is Kuroko no Basket better than Slam dunk?

    Wow, it's rare to find an anime fanatic who has not yet watched Slam Dunk. I thought all anime lovers knew about Slam Dunk. You should check the anime out. It's very hilarious. Though the anime is pretty old, it still holds its own against the newer Kuroko. Hanamichi and the rest of Shuhoku are...
  3. lindbergh

    Video Games What is a game that you can beat many times and never get bored?

    Tekken games. I can beat them over and over and still not get bored. I love practicing the different moves of the characters and doing the different combos. I can't seem to get tired of playing as Jin Kazama and Bryan Fury. Also, finishing Tekken is pretty interesting because there's a different...
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    Video Games What stealth game are you down with?

    Whoa, really? You could play Metal Gear Solid on the NGage? Is it exactly the same as the MGS game in the PS1? I do think that the Assassin's Creed games could be considered stealth games because you need to stealthily kill your opponents. It's kinda like Tenchu.
  5. lindbergh

    Video Games What is your favorite world/setting for a video game?

    My favorite game world would have to be the world of Xenogears. Its world was full of wonder. It was a joy to explore. The towns, villages, and cities were full of life. Wherever I went, I saw something interesting. I miss the world of Xenogears. I feel like revisiting it again. Actually I've...
  6. lindbergh

    Video Games Dragon Quest VIII Now on iOS and Android

    Technically, it's still a huge game. The file size of the game is more than 1GB. If you have a slow internet connection, it would be a pain to download. Yeah, it would definitely be lot harder to put down my phone once I grab hold of Dragon Quest VIII. The game simply offers hours and hours of...
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    Video Games Dragon Quest VIII Now on iOS and Android

    Whoa! Really? That great! I had this game on the PS2. I loved playing it but I never finished it. I loved Dragon Quest 8 because it had superb cel-shaded graphics, a light--hearted story, and a solid turn-based combat system. Though it costs 20 bucks, I think it's worth it given the quality of...
  8. lindbergh

    Video Games Linear vs Open World

    What types of games do you want - linear games that have a pre-determined path (like Final Fantasy) or open world games wherein you can choose whatever path you want and tackle things in any order you want (like Grand Theft Auto)? I prefer Linear games over open world games. That's because...
  9. lindbergh

    Video Games What was the most addictive game you've played?

    It's very hard to gauge which game is the most addicting for me. I've played a lot of addictive games like the NBA 2K series and Tekken and Super Smash Bros. If I'd have to choose one, I'd have to say that Tekken is probably the most addictive of the bunch. I play Tekken in my home consoles and...
  10. lindbergh

    Video Games What stealth game are you down with?

    Are you down with stealth games? I am. At first I wasn't all that down with them. But they eventually grew on me. The first stealth game that I played was Tenchu. Then I moved on to MGS and other stealth games like Hitman. What stealth game am I down with the most? I like the mechanics of Metal...
  11. lindbergh

    Video Games Making Games on the Bases of Movie

    Could you please cite what games you think have bad story lines? Because I can mention to you a lot of great games with great stories. Let me give you a short list: -The Last of Us -Uncharted series -God of War series -Ni No Kuni -Tomb Raider But if you're mainly talking about games that are...
  12. lindbergh

    Animation Does The Drawing Matter?

    Does drawing matter? Well of course! That's one of the main reasons why i watch cartoons in the first place. If the drawing sucks, then I most definitely wouldn't watch it. Well, unless the story is absolutely awesome. Watching a cartoon with bad drawing is like watching a movie or a TV show...
  13. lindbergh

    Music Any oldies songs you're still down with?

    Mr. Big is famous for their song To Be With You. Check out the video of the song: [video] The best song of Skid Row (for me) is I Remember You. Check out the song: [video] Also, these songs don't sound old at all right? Even though they're more than two decades old.
  14. lindbergh

    Video Games Scribblenauts is Awesome

    Scribblenauts is one of the most awesome ideas to come out in a video game. It's a sandbox-puzzle game wherein you try to figure out how to collect certain items or complete certain tasks in a level. You need to use items in order to do certain things in a level. And this is where scribblenauts...
  15. lindbergh

    Video Games Minecraft Pocket Edition anyone?

    Who's down with playing Minecraft? I'm pretty sure there are a lot of you here who love playing this hit sandbox game. At first, I didn't like it because of the graphics. But I still gave the game a second try. Slowly but surely, it grew on me. The creative mode is the first that captured my...
  16. lindbergh

    Video Games Favorite JRPG

    Xenogears hands down. It was awesome back in the PS1 days and I think it still holds its own up to this day. I love the game because the story was amazing, the characters were interesting and memorable, the world was huge and full of wonder, the combat system was very addicting. Combat was even...
  17. lindbergh

    Music Original version vs other renditions

    When I visit YouTube or watch some shows on the TV, I see a lot of songs being sang by others each with their own musical renditions. Most of the time, oldies songs are being sang by popular musicians. But there are also times that recent songs are also being rendered by others. Most of the...
  18. lindbergh

    Animation Coolest characters in Japanese Anime

    Kenshin Himura (also known as Battousai) is a legendary assassin turned peaceful wandering samurai. He changed his weapon to a reverse edged blade making it nearly non-lethal so that he could not kill ever again. Kenshin uses the Hiten Mitsurugi style of wielding his blade. He has super human...
  19. lindbergh

    Books eBooks or physical copies?

    I just saw a pretty funny image regarding eBooks vs tangible books posted on the wall of my girl: Tangible books win! Haha! Anyways, I've further broken down my preferences when it comes to books. For novels and stories, I prefer tangible books. But when it comes to reference materials, I...
  20. lindbergh

    Video Games New Consoles Vs Old Consoles

    If we're talking about raw power here, then definitely new consoles would trump the old consoles. But when it comes to the effect on gaming, I think that the older consoles win by a mile. I still go back to play a lot of old games on the PS1 (using an emulator) and on the PS2 (my old console is...