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  • Hi there, just to let you know my birthday is on Friday. Thanks again for the epic deals you churned out since I both the keys and Robotack!
    Hi again! if you ever find a used Gao Lion (The original one, not the Gokaiger one or the DX one) or a Gao Falcon, let me know.
    Is the 4 for $16 deal for ranger keys applied to the keys left? Might plan to buy Five Yellow, Denji Green and Yellow and Geki Red keys. how much plus Robotack?
    Hey there, I am CRAZY interested in that Faiz Axel watch and the delta holster (AM and AW). If you could let me know a shipped total, I can pay you tonight as soon as I'm home. Let me know!
    Yay! new keys! Will you be selling them at the same price like the past (including the buy 4/5 for this price) or new prices?
    Thanks, but I think the HK keys will still have the JP sounds, since it's a reissue for the Asian market, but I think it's a good idea to avoid the Korean ones, for reasons.
    Thank you for the keys man. They arrived just now and they work great. however, I fear this might be the last time I might buy keys from you since... well... You had great prices, but since there's no keys I can find now in that price of yours, might take a while.
    Just to ask, is the 4 for $16, and 5 for $18 offer good on both Gashapon and DX Keys? Because I dig the hurricane Blue and Magi Yellow keys as well as the last 3 DX keys. Just asking
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