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  • Yeah I might get some later on and I know what im getting at cstoys they have a store in California and I was thinking about getting the kamen rider eternal memory and drive, but the thing is they dont have a phone number and I my dad wont put his card online so I will look for some other store I guess and im getting Climax Heroes OOO eventuall I have to wait until my store gets more copies maybe next week
    Maybe not so sure I was looking at the W & OOO belts I would love to buy them, but I would have to lose a lot of weight before I do and do you know any shop that has a phone number I rather call them and buy things like that, instead of online only
    I just really loved the series and the clothes we're really well done. I honestly don't think there will be another version like it anytime soon. The vests are my favorite, I just wish it was possible to get some more.
    Black & Black/white & White Windscale Hats
    Windscale Jeans
    Black & Grey/Black Vest.
    and I think that's it...why?
    No, I didn't get the memories. I was in the process of checking out only to be told it sold out in the middle of checkout.
    Okay I just asked, unregistered SAL is 1580 (i changed it to this) and registered SAL is 1900.
    EMS is like 3k lol
    Wow thats quite the deal for about 20$ haha, i wasnt expecting a box to begin with lol, im having a b**** of a time finding the fang memory though, i might have to drop a bill on it if i cant find one @_@, it must really suck to let go of some awesome toys though!!
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