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  • Alright, so I....just won one off of Ebay (hence why Im replying NOW), 'bout over $30 but meh, I can live with that. Thanks for offering those 2 though, sorry!

    And the kujaku and Condor gashapon's I actually nabbed off of ebay for about $20 each :X
    Yeah I got those lol
    And MAYBE. I would say yes except, the only reason I would get those is if there really isnt much of a difference than the DX ones like the Kujaku and Condor medal.
    And.... while im here might as well ask if you know there is a gashapon Shachi Medal?
    I just asked and he said alright haha, but yeah he's been good to us with the deals and such, I wanted the T2 joker too but i was already gone by the time i saw the thread haha. You enjoying your W set though?? My fang memory came in last week, pretty happy bout that!
    Oh ok so how would I use the gift card again sorry I have never used a gift so I dont know like do I just have to add money to it and then what and cstoys does take U.S. money right I just want to be sure
    Oh ok so the giftcards say "cstoys" on them right Ok cool I'll have to look for them and the website is the international one right also im looking at some stuff right now and thats too bad they are out of stock for the Joker memory :( but thats cool I might get something else and I will get the OOO belt and where could I find the medals?
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