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    Kamen Rider Kabuto was a parody all along...

    ... of the strange quirks humanity possesses in general. I was watching episode 45 when I had this epiphany. I immediately spoke to my friend about this: Me says (11:01 PM) oh god years after watching kabuto i realise it was a parody Friend says (11:16 PM) parody of? Me says (11:17 PM) life...
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    The Legend Of Koizumi I tell you, this is pure genius. :castlerock:
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    W's moral dilemna

    I'm really interested in seeing your replies to this: I just watched episode 11, and something interesting caught my attention. Do you agree with Philip calling Shoutarou half-boiled because he wanted to save Kurosu? And if you were Shoutarou, would you save Kurosu or let him die? AND...
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    Anyone here uses Kettlebells?

    I got myself one of these recently, and they're awesome. So, anyone else uses these for conditioning, besides being hardcore at the gym?
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    V-Rex Robo

    I saw a store in my country selling it for 250 Singapore dollars. It's new, the box was only opened once to inspect the contents. Is it worth the cash, or am I better off spending it on the Black and Gold Hurricanger mecha trio?
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    An alternative ending to Blade?

    I just finished re-watching Blade, and while I can't deny the beauty and shock value of the ending, I really find it a pity that Kenzaki had to become another Joker. So that got me thinking. In episode 48, Mutsuki tried to release his King so that there would be 2 Undeads existing, but because...
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    Hare Hare Yukai Full Dance Version

    Fans of The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi, I unwittingly stumbled upon this gem while trying to learn the dance in the ending sequence of the anime. It's the entire dance without any scenes in between, which makes me believe it's a special version of the ending animation sequence. Anyway, here...
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    SOS Brigade Urgent Message! Suzumiya Haruhi 2nd Season All Haruhiists rejoice! Our great Banchou-sama returns! Those who've read the novels should recognise the picture above. Anyway, do a search on Google, since many websites are already talking about it. AnimeSuki's...
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    Help with Taekwondo Sparring

    I'm now a Blue Belt and my sensei reckons I should start sparring because he wants me to eventually participate in competitions and do him proud. What a jerk. :anime: Anyway, I've been practising my kicks and everything for very long now, so they're pretty good. Now here's the problem. My...
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    Geki Changer and Geki Tonfa Review (Pics and Videos added)

    I got these babies in Japan, and they seriously own any Den-O toy this year. I'm following my buddy Zecter's style of reviewing a toy. (I notice that he doesn't come here anymore. Hmm...) Geki Changer You get: The Box :laugh: Two Geki Changers Four Straps A piece of durable paper printed...
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    Digimon Savers - Final Thoughts

    Savers ends tomorrow. So what are your thoughts on this season so far? It's been an awesome ride so far. I was beyond happy when I found out that there was a new Digimon season. Everything was so refreshing and different. The tone of the show was more mature, the comedy was much better (FRIED...
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    Any Den-O belt reviews?

    I'm sure alot of people at HJU have gotten their hands on a Den-O belt; I'm waiting for one myself. For those who have gotten one, how is it? Are the sounds loud and clear? Is it durable? Are the lights shiny and bright? :anime: Oh yes. If someone has gotten the Dengassher, could you tell me...
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    Choosing a Lightsaber

    I just got a windfall from Red Packet money during CNY, so I'm thinking of getting a lightsaber. My budget can stretch up to one of those really cool but really expensive Force FX ones, but I'll list my choices below: - Top of my list: Build your Ultimate Lightsaber. Really cheap set (US$25...
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    The New Year Resolution Thread

    Another New Year is upon us, and we're all supposed to be full of hope for the future. Plese post up to a miximum of 3 resolutions, and post only those that mean a lot to you and which you will stick to and complete, no matter what. ;) These are my resolutions for the New Year: 1. Get a Black...
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    Bandai Asia SPD Morphers

    For those of you who missed out on the SP License and the Master License, you have another chance to get them INTACT! Bandai Asia has released them as the Delta Morpher and Patrol Morpher, but aside from packaging, the Changers are intact. That means the Licenses have 3 modes and all the extra...