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    Why only four Energy Lockseeds?

    This is something that I've kind of been wondering since they first appeared, why did Ryoma only make four main Energy Lockseeds? I know that he only really excepted him and the rest of the Yggdrasill higher ups to use them, but there might have been untapped potential in having more of them at...
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    Kamen Rider Kabuto

    So recently I decided to "challenge" myself to re-watch Kabuto. I've never been particularly fond of the series due to Tendou's arrogance and last time I tried to watch it, I stopped at episode four (which funnily enough I felt, while rewatching it, was a turning point for Tendou and Kagami's...
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    Mega Beast Investigator Juspion Discussion

    Since we're about 8 episodes in now, I figured this might be a good a time as any to start a discussion thread.I'm really enjoying the show so far. I wouldn't exactly call it "gripping", but it's certainly got a hold of my attention
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    Anita Sarkeesian: I Am Not A Gamer

    ***PLEASE WATCH THE ENTIRE THING BEFORE COMMENTING*** following video was recently leaked showing that Anita Sarkeesian may not be who she claims because of clips where she states "I am not a gamer". Does this discredit her work? Have her...
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    Power Rangers: The Animated Series (Proof Of Concept Image?)

    Was going through my huge backlog of deviantart subscriptions when I stumbled across this "Several years ago I was hired by Disney to redesign The Powers Rangers for them. They were considering doing an animated series. This was...
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    Brutal Shooting [Australia/US Relations In Jeopardy] Australian by the name of Christopher Lane who was staying in the US on a student visa to play baseball was brutally killed the other day by three young kids who later stated that they were "bored and figured that they...
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    Test Tube Hamburgers the future of your meat, now composed of even smaller pieces of meat the size of rice granules. Only problem is that it's outrageously expensive (five ounces costs over $300,000).And of course it's...
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    VR Troopers/Beetleborgs

    Okay, this question has been on my mind for quite some time and I've even discussed it at length with one of my friends. Do you think it would have been a far better idea if Beetleborgs had simply been a continuation of the VR Troopers storyline or is it fine how it is?I mean I know it would...
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    Small question

    I'm aware that Toei does not follow the majority conscientious of Japan, but considering the fact that there is some hostility between China and Japan, why do you think their more popular series like Maskman, Dairanger, and Gekiranger are deep rooted in Kung-Fu and Chinese mysticism?
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    Was actually fairly surprised that I wasn't able to find a thread about this. Just discovered it this past week, I think I'm hooked. I mean the overall concept [Fist Of The North Star + Godzilla/Ultraman + Food Network] alone is just so batshit insane that it somehow works
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    I know this might sound like a very strange thread idea, but I was a little bit curious if anyone could shed a little bit of light on the cameras used by Toei throughout the decades.The main reason why is because I'm all together convinced that they never upgraded their cameras on Sentai until...
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    Tomorrow Research Wiki

    The Tomorrow Research Wiki (named after the organization in Time Ranger) is a comprehensive fan encyclopedia for everything Toku that was started by Mega Anon. While it may include things that are already available on other, more robust fanwikis, we're trying to make it as diverse as possible by...
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    NASA to develop 3D Food Printer is currently working on a prototype 3D Food Printer for astronauts to use for space travel, theoretically replacing "food in a tube" for good. The printer will work the same as any other one, except instead of...
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    [Video Game] Duke Nukem Forever 2013 by a couple of guys who were unhappy with the finished product of DNF, it aims to fully recreate (or at least attempt) all the original content of the game that was shown off at the 2001 E3Frankly it's amazing that this amount of work was...
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    Tokusatsu Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards time ago we had a thread devoted to making our own Yugioh cards based on various Toku heroes and baddies and I thought it might be a good idea to start it up yet again.Here are some ones that I've made recently, tried my best to to keep them as consistent...