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    Loot: Maya Rudolph got dumped by her husband but the Divorce settlement is $87 Billion

    @Betty2104 I hope you are doing okay. That is really sad.
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    Ghostbusters III (2011/12)

    I'm sorry if this has already been posted but I did actually use the search function and nothing came up on this. I just myself found out this morning that a Ghostbusters III is in production. to early news and cast confirmations, the original...
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    Guess the problem with my Wii! \o/

    Hey guys. I got a Wii yesterday, a 2nd hand one. I purchased it along with Zelda: Twilight Princess and Super Smash Bros Brawl. Now, I wanted to have a kickass several hour session on Brawl. But nuuuuuuuuuuuu.Here's the lowdown. My Wii plays Zelda plus all my Dad's games (one is newer than...
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    Putting up the Fight

    An addiction is not funny. Not unless it's something like what I was addicted to. World of Warcraft. The game is scaringly addictive, even when I didn't want to play, I found myself clocking hours of hours of play time, not levelling, just chatting to my guild. I've now hung up my Talent Tree...
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    For Sale - Kamen Rider Zabee Helmet

    As I have had no luck on Rangerboard with this item, I shall try my home instead. ^^As title says, I have a Kamen Rider Zabee helmet. I bought it off a friend, so I am not sure what it is made of, but I have to say this, it is THE sturdiest helmet I have ever come across. Very well made...
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    Small Note (I'm back, nyao)

    Hey Justice Guys and Girls.I've spent a lot of time away from HJU as I was addicted to the World of Warcraft. Well I recently quit the game due to boredom (Level 70 is meh and I'm not buying Wrath of the Lich King).I've started catching up on Go-Onger and as my eyes watered, I thought...
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    Looking for Pre-ZyuRanger mecha

    Hey guys, I'm looking for anyone who is willing to sell any Pre-ZyuRanger Sentai Mecha that they own. I'm really looking for Great Five, ChangeRobo, FlashKing and Jet Icarus.Please PM me if you have anything!
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    Please help me with a song name

    Hey guys, this is pissing me off so much. I love this song, but don't know the name or band!!!! ARGH! The guy sounds like Dave Grohl, kinda looks like him too only chubby(ish). I believe parts of the lyrics are"If we don't know where we belong"and"We're not the lucky ones"I've searched...
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    Ladies and Gentlemen.....I present to you, TimeGreen!

    Well, you've seen the helmet. Now see the costume that came today. It's missing two parts. Buckle which is on the way, and boots which I am making myself. Anyways, tell me what ya think please.
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    I got my first helmet

    Well, posted yesterday, arrived today. Here it is, my TimeGreen helmet made by Wildranger5 of RB, who is also a good friend of mine. :D (Fan-wise of course, not counting the owners of an ACTUAL helmet), apparently I'm the only person in the world to own a TimeGreen helmet made from the original...
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    7 of my WWE figures with my NEW title belts!

    I received my Smackdown brand title belts for my WWE title belts and these things are fucking KICKASS! They are custom made by a dude in the UK, and then laminated. God the look sexy so I chose to display them on the figures I own, that I deem worthy of wearing them. Don't ask why, but the...
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    Pokémon Diamond and Pearl English Names

    Thanks to the Toy Fair, a few more Pokémon names have been revealed!Naetoru - Turtwig Hikozaru - Chimchar Pochama - Pochama Mukkuru - Starly Koroboshi - Kricketot Korinku - Spinx (not confirmed) Tatetopusu - Shieldon Pachirisu - Pachirisu Floatsel - Floatzel Karanakushi - Snelios (Possibly...
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    Chouriki Sentai OhRanger Talk-Up....Olé!

    Super Sentai's 19th Series...........Chouriki Sentai Ohranger!Have seen eps 1-17 so far, and it's not a bad series so far. Not the worst series I've seen, worst being ZyuRanger really. The action could pick up more, and I'm hoping it does when KingRanger, OhBlocker, Red Puncher and Tackle...
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    Celebrating 30 years of Danger and Justice, Happy Birthday Boss!

    It's 00:02, so if Keith "J-Caizer" Hayward lived here in England, it would be his THIRTIETH Birthday!I wanna take the time to wish our grand Boss a Happy Birthday, and to enjoy the first day of the rest of his life!:happybirt~ Rider Knight
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    Ninendo of Europe.....ARE FUCKTARDS!

    Had my Wii pre-ordered for ages with my local Gamestation store. Today's the launch day for the Wii here, I decided to work fro 6.30am till 3pm instead of 9 till 5 so i can get out of work early and get my Wii. Guess what? At the last minute Nintendo fucking redirected the order of Wiis (52) to...