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    Choujinki Metalder - Thoughts & Opinions

    I thought I might start a thread dedicated to expressing thoughts and feelings regarding what I think is a highly regarded Metal Hero series in Toku fandom: Superhuman Machine Metalder.I haven't watched all of the series yet, but i'm in the process of it. But here is what I know from...
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    Mobile Detective Jiban - Thoughts & Opinions

    Amongs the various Metal Heroes that have cropped up, there is one that not a great deal of people talk about: Mobile Detective Jiban.I myself haven't seen the series because its kinda hard to find. But the information I have gathered about the series has me very intrigued, in that the...
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    Keitai Sousakan 7 - Thoughts & Opinions

    This was an unusual series but considering it was directed and produced by the master of the unusual, Takashi Miike, although it wasn't over the top unusual, but there was an interesting juxtaposition, because it combined the thrilling sort of high tech espionage action of a series like say...
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    Choujuu Sentai Liveman - Thoughts & Opinions

    I don't know much about this series, except that it comes after Maskman, and the fansub group GUIS have been fansubbing the series for some time and are currently up to episode 37.I'm curious, has anyone watched this series?I once read a review saying that it wasn't that great, what do...
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    Kamen Rider W - Thoughts & Opinions

    I'm curious about this series, in that it utilizes a concept similar to one of the Ultraman series, the notion of two people coming together to form one superhero.How is this series? cuz surely if two people are coming together to form one being, there oughta be split personality issues...
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    Kikaida - Thoughts & Opinions

    I have heard about this classic Toku series and the website Generation Kikaida has graciously done its bit to provide the series to the masses through its website. I'm just curious about the series itself. Is it worth getting?
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    Kamen Rider 555 - Thoughts and Opinions

    This is one of the Kamen Rider series I have read about, but haven't had the time to watch. the story itself interests the hell outta me, but I'm curious about what other people think about the show itself.
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    Sentai Megaranger - Thoughts & Opinions

    I've read a lot of great things about this particular series. I remember once reading a review on the now defunct website Japan Hero, that this series was described as 'Power Rangers done right'. in that this series dealt with a group of high school students receiving super powers much in the...
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    Thoughts and opinions on Post Millennial Tokusatsu programs

    Tokusatsu as a whole, whether it be Kamen Rider, Kaiju heroes, Metal Heroes or Sentai programs have had varying degrees of success over the years, but none can deny that many of the things we love come from the past, either the 70's, the 80's or the 90's.Many programs from the early part of...
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    Kamen Rider Shin - Thoughts & Opinions

    This particular film was to have served as the backdoor pilot to a potential TV series, which unfortunately never came to be.It was part of a triumvirate of sorts of early 90's Kamen Rider films that came about in the absense of a TV series, the other two were ZO and J.I really loved the...
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    Kamen Rider Kiva - Thoughts and opinions

    I'm curious what people think about the series 'Kamen Rider Kiva'. I haven't seen it myself, but from a few clips I have seen, it looks pretty awesome, and from what I've read it has a pretty cool story to it, plus the motif given to Kamen Rider, making him look almost vampiric, I thought was...
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    Fireman - Series Review & Overall Thoughts

    I've never been fortunate to watch this series, largely because much as I try, no one seems interested in releasing this series either in a official capacity or in a fansubbed capacity.But from what little information I was able to gather comes from wikipedia:Fireman (ファイヤーマン, Faiyāman?)...
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    Hikari Sentai Maskman... Overall thoughts and feelings

    As promised, I am throwing my hat into the ring, so to speak, to share my thoughts and feelings about one of my personal favorite Sentai programs... Hikari Sentai Maskman.I absolutely love this series. What I found most amazing about the way things started off, was how the team itself was...
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    Dengeki Sentai Changeman: Series review and overall thoughts

    I was thinking of posting this particular thread to try and gather from the fans what they feel about certain programs in the realm of Tokusatsu, for those of us who are still relatively new to the genre and trying to sift through the vast amount of programming that has existed since the 1970's...