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    Music Music you can't stand

    I am not a friend to rap music, in fact I wonder what's actually there to enjoy in this kind of music. I find out that so many words could be miss used or slang up and put as rap with little or no meaning. I like music with good meaning and are simple to understand. I also don't like when a...
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    Book vs Movie

    Books are more detailed and expository about events or a narrative. I did watch a movie some time ago, the fact not all the details in the book where played out in the movie. I think movie makers in a way to save time do summarize the whole event.
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    Tech Do you prefer taking pictures using your smartphone?

    Since I am not a professional photographer and don't take many photographs I am cool using my phones. Although once in a while I tend to be worry over the quality of pics especially when I didn't focus clearly.
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    Tech Do you prefer taking pictures using your smartphone?

    It will be too cumbersome going with my camera every where should in case I need to take a photo. I am just fine being with my smartphone alone most of the time and it becomes a lot more convenient taking photos with it.
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    Books Do you use the library?

    I hardly visit library nowadays, I can reasonably get the information I need online. It's a lot more convenient making researches online, visiting different sites to compare information. I am not carrying voluminous books, flipping all over. Online it's a matter of using the appropriate key...
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    General Discussion Do you believe in horoscope?

    I never took the findings of horoscope serious even though I have heard about them right from primary education not until a friend in college tried hard to make me believe horoscopy. One thing that shocked me he could predict the approximate time of birth by careful study of one's characters...
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    General Discussion Your dream place to travel to

    I have traveled extensively in Asia and Africa, quite like the places I have been able to visit so far. As part of my dream place I'd like a travel to any of these two countries in Europe, France or Holland. I'll like have a feel of these countries especially the French culture.
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    General Discussion Tattoo

    I don't quite know how factual this is in every location. I can still see that many people find it hard to come to terms with tattoo as a thing of fashion these days.
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    Genre of movie you don't watch

    I doubt if there are any genres of movies I really don't like to watch. I am such an adventurous person when it comes to movies I like to know what's the movie about if I see one. My easily most watched movies are the comedy series, they help me relax better. The only type of movies I hardly...
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    Music Do you listen to online radio?

    That's a fact there are many online sites for music and all sorts of entertainment these days. Often I go to these sites to get entertained online just as it would happen with offline radio
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    General Discussion What's your relationship status?

    Compatibility has always been a big problem to many relationships, really what's wrong with a lot of people out there that they can't just lower their egos and get along easily. Relationship is like a two way traffic to make it work both partners should do the necessary bendings
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    General Discussion Tattoo

    Looking at it from the health angle is tattoo safe for the skin. I don't quite think so. I'm still trying to find out why people actually go for tattoos, sad enough it's thought origin is horrible, from the prison. Some people just follow what seems to be trending how it affects their health or...
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    Music Favorite Christmas song

    I like the old and popular song Jingle Bells for Christmas. Somehow I am more attracted to those popular old Christmas songs. I am also good with the modern or nowadays songs for the Yuletide.
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    Tech Do you use your computer to watch TV?

    In the meantime I am alone and haven't bothered to go for a cable connection, most of my free time I spend on my computer. If I get a cable I'm not sure I'll have the time to watch the TV. Already I worry I'm not putting enough time online.
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    General Discussion What's your relationship status?

    This keeps me thinking where exactly is the place of engagement in relationship matters. I figured out that it's better put married or single. Those who prefer to use the word engagement instead of single may not be getting it correctly.