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    Super Sentai Novels Starting With Shinkenger is first up!
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    Super Hero Taisen Z new movie is coming out, including other Ishimori characters!
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    GARO: Season 3 - The One Who Shines In The Darkness I hear you guys wanted a season 3?
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    Sasuraido - New Tokusatsu project coming from a range of Toku alumni created by Kakurangers Ninja Red!
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    Double/Lost Driver w/ Skull Memory

    Long shot, but is anyone selling a Double driver or a Trigger Magmum with the Skull Memory(or the memory by itself)? Or a Lost driver?Have randomly decided that I want both so I can pretend I'm Kamen Rider Skull. Based in the UK but willing to pay for international shipping.
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    HJU Video Review - Kamen Rider Kabuto PS2

    HJU Video Reviews - Kamen Rider Kabuto(PS2)I recently reviewed this for the HJU News site. Anyone played it? What are your thoughts on it, etc?
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    Sasuraido - Hello Hero Project(Omocharity) toku actors have been attending charity events on Saturday nights at the Sasazuka Factory theatre in Tokyo to launch a new hero called Sasuraido, proceeds of which go to the victims of the last years’...
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    Kamen Rider 3D models?

    Does anyone know of anyone who has made 3d models of any of the Riders? I'm interested on working on a project, but would cut a lot of time out knowing someone already had some.
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    Reasons to watch THE PACIFIC

    Anyone who has seen more or less one episode will understand why you have to find reasons to watch this. Mine is:Listening to the unsubbed Japanese, then my friends and family in the room ask me what they're saying. Generally just "Shoot" or "Die", etc. But it's nice to feel needed.
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    Anyone taken or taking JPLT?

    I'm going for it this year, I'm planning for Level 4, though may have to be Level 5 if I really don't get my arse into gear and learn a lot harder. Any one done it or going to do it? I'm trying to get into a routine everyday of going through kanji, but have no solid method. Any tips?EDIT...
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    What's with these 2 disc DVD sets?

    I've seen quite a few of these recently, entire seasons of Kamen Rider on two DVDs. Has anyone got or seen one and can give an example of the quality? It must look insanely bad.
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    Cheap Kamen Rider & Sentai DVDs cheap

    Hello all,I'm now selling tokusatsu (and maybe J-drama) DVDs that are produced in Thailand. The DVDs are original to Thailand, containing both Thai and Japanese audio, as well as Thai subtitles. These are not HK rip offs and video footage is not from TV airings. Some even contain extras.I...
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    FanqireQueen Appreciation Thread

    I love this woman. She's funny, she's nice, she's caring, she's contributing a lot to the forums nowadays, she's great to listen too on Girls in Trouble podcast (you two girls as well), she's just plain all round awesome.Give it up for this girl!P.S. in regards to earlier, it's for £80...
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    Predators Sneak Peek actually looks kinda good... I think that's weird.