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  • I'm in Shinjuku near the Gyoemmae park. I'll add you on Facebook, I'm Dave Martin.
    Finally! I'm in my hotel. verything went super quick at the airport but then the Narita Express had to make an emergency stop and we got stalled for like an hour >< then I got lost in the mess that is Tokyo Station. anyway finally at my hotel. Phew!
    Yeah. No one else has vacation at the same time as me. I'll contact you when I'm in my hotel and you can tell me where to meet you and when.
    Hey are you still up for that trip to the Yokohama place this coming week? I was thinking the smart thing would be to go there first and then go do a quick look around Akihabara afterward, since I'll probably end up buying stuff and would rather no carry shopping bag all day long...
    Pretty much everything, I'm new to that sort of thing, but I really wanna do the review becuase I love teh game a ton. I've got a written review half way done now.
    Hey, awesome review man! I was wanting to do a video for Kamen Rider Climax Heroes Fourze(Bit old I know) and I was wanting some helps and tips on video capture and what not.
    Soooo... are you going to be doing GUIS releases for the front page?
    Hey Shuuyu are you still up for selling those me those DVD we talked about? I sent you 2 emails to your gmail, but never got a response. I'm still looking to find a copy of Skyrider, thanks. :p
    Just a heads up, I'm planning on starting the HJU UK podcast in the new year. :)
    That Ultraman Zero release is worth a front page mention.. ad a trailer if you can. :D
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