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  • Haha, that guy kinda made me laugh. However, he did give us information on that Gui guy and Michael Guthrie (that is assuming they both really did audition). Which could be a possibility, considering they both know Mike Chat (blue lightspeed ranger).

    He later said that he has to wait and see if it's true, even though he first said his friend got it. I don't believe it. Things are pretty quiet all around, but I should know something by either tomorrow or Wednesday.
    Andrew I have a question, did you guys ever have to wear, "tight, solid form-fitting" clothing any time during auditions? If not the guys, do you know if the girls had to? I ask because this girl posted this on Backstage:

    "I went in for the yellow ranger and got 2 callbacks in until we had to wear tight, solid form-fitting clothing. The role is 18 to play younger, and I had previously been dressing with some boxier looking things to look younger than I am. They thought I could play 14-16, however, when I had to come in with the form fitting outfit they made a comment that I no longer looked 15 (I'm a D cup, which is VERY hard to disguise in a solid, form-fitting top). Everyone else in my final callback seemed to look much much younger, so I'm surprised I even made it that far...Does anyone know if they decided to audition kids under 18? Anyways, so much for that! But good luck to anyone who has made it this far! So close!"
    Hey, I hope you have fun at the Con tomorrow!

    By the way, do you remember me ever saying something about Princess Megan auditions going on today?
    i talked to a 3rd red callback and a 3rd gold calllback and theyre all reading the same sides that they did last time. Did u get a different side for gold?
    oh cool!! i wish i got a chance to show off my skills lol. did u read the sides between gold and blue like one of u was injured in the cave or somethin? i read for the scene between red and green where red gets mad at green for bein late. do u know if they r going to have us read the same side for the producer callback? or what we should be prepared for? im so pysched for the red part . red has always been my favorite ranger lol
    hey andrew, i got called back for red next week :D maybe ill see ya there.
    i saw that u said u did a sword routine in the middle of ur sides? i thought that there was no martial arts in anybodys sides? how did they let u do that? how many times did u read for gold? i read for red twice.
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