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    Kamen Rider Neus

    Kamen Rider Neus By Alex Smith Chapter/Episode 1: OPAC Space is a dark place. And I prefer it that way. As the young Crown Prince of the Order of Planetary Assimilation and Colonization peered out the window of the enormous space station secretly orbiting earth, he felt an intense calm over...
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    Toku set in the era of the Samurai

    Masked Ninja Corps KAMEN NO NINJA AKAKAGE MAJIN HUNTER MITSURUGI LION MARU HENSHIN NINJA ARASHI YUKE! USHIWAKA KOTARO Who here likes this period? I certasinly do, one of my favorite moments in history.
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    Happy Birthday The_Next!!!

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    The_Next <3's Kiva!

    I just began watching Kiva yesterday and so far I really enjoy it! It has almost a dark horror feel to it, which I really dig with the fangire and such. Wataru reminds me of myself in some ways LOL
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    Gonna watch Gaoranger...hoo boy!(No SPOILERS PLZ)

    This is my second 2000's sentai after boukenger so I'm ready to see what it's like I liked Boukenger so I'm wondering how this will be...I heard GaoYellow is hilarious.
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    Top 5 Sentai ED themes?

    For me: 5) Hadashi No Kokoro De(Gingaman): Masato Shimon does a beautiful job on this song and I love the calm feel. 4) Kokoro wa Tamago: A very good ballad from Hironobu Kageyama. I love the intro. 3.) Ai no Soldier(Maskman): Another great job by Hironobu Kageyama. Daisuke Inoue, who sadly...
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    Is Bioman really all THAT great?

    One thing I've noticed is that Bioman gets showered with praise a lot when in my eyes it's run of the mill and surpassed by the two following series. I think a lot of it is Nostalgia Filter because they grew up watching it. I can't find any other reason.
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    The Next is back on HJU!

    How has everyone been doing in my leave of absense? Any major changes? Forever Knight, want some gum?
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    I am back

    After a bit of a "break" from HJU due to personal circumstances with a certain other member, I have now cooled down and decided to return! SETUP!
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    Anyone notice this about Double's design?

    Double looks a lot like Kamen Rider X in his design. X has the red-stripes that spell out X, while Double's chest has a W mark on it. X and Double both have silver-colored scarves(Well X's has a silver stripe, and W's appears only in the Cyclone form.). Both have \/ markings on their heads, and...
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    A rant I did for fun
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    Colorado toku fans

    what part of state you live in? I'm in the Springs.
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    Kamen Rider Tarantela

    Kamen Rider Tarantela Episode 1 Who are you? What are you? Amgod and the Arachnid Rider! In space, a meteor plummeted towards Earth. NASA scientists, lead by Dr. Oki Kazuya, tracked the meteor's every movement. The meteor was set to hit near the Sea of Japan in 12 hours. News Reporter Kotaro...
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    Why is everybody and their dog considered a rider these days?

    I was watching Ryuki and Faiz the other day when I pondered; Why isn't Apollo Geist considered a rider? He rides a motorcycle and henshins... To get even broader, why is everybody in the new gen shows a rider? Wasn't there once a definition of what a KR was?
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    A question for female fans(males can answer if they want)

    Do you find Momotaros from Den-O cute?