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  • That Radiguet figure you made has to be one of the coolest custom figures I've seen in a while. High five.
    cool sig. the shinkengers plus that hamster sensei from ninja storm lol. are those real figures you can buy or did you make them?
    lol, I'm going to print this on a shirt and wear it every time I go to the store >:D
    I've noticed your signature lately, and the question on my mind is, "How did you get your signature to randomize like that? What BBCode do you use?"
    How much will you sell for Manda web, batgirl, Venom spider-man, megaman figures, Angus, and kabuto trading figure.
    Hey Emperor, I like your video!!
    cant wait for your next Toy Mecha Battle episode!
    They're freackin AWESOME.. :)
    Thanks for the info! It's old, but your camera sure still works wonders! I may get that for my sister's birthday since I'm running low on money.
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