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    [SELLING] DX Zeronos Belt and SIC Kiwami King Blade

    DX Zeronos Belt and SIC Kiwami Tamashii Blade King Form Message me if interested. Within the US. Paypal only. DX Zeronos Belt. Second hand. Belt and Card w/ holder only. Back buckle missing. Belt can still attach. No batteries. $40 (Shipping and handling calculated at discussion) Warning...
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    Christmas Toku Watch!

    Had no idea where to post this but here it is anyway. Hey guys! Right now we are on a Google+ Hangout and are about to watch some Christmas episodes/specials of various tokusatsu shows. So if you have Google+ come on in, pull up a chair, drink some hot chocolate, and watch some Christmas...
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    PR LIGHTSPEED MEGAZORDS PRICE REDUCED In a bind right now with money so I am finally doing to hardest thing and selling some of my toys. It's hard to part with these things after so long but it's necessary. I am new at this so I'll make this painless as possible. PM if interested. Payment...
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    Kamen Rider Zeronos Zero Card

    I'm willing to buy the Kamen Rider Zeronos Zero Card only. I have no will to buy the Denebick Buster as of yet so it isn't needed. If also anyone can lead me with some links to some other sellers that are selling the Zero Card by itself post it here please. Thanks!
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    Kinetic Typography - SUPERNOVA

    My Motion Graphics final was to be Kinetic Type so I decided to do SUPERNOVA by Tetra Fang as my final
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    Levitation?! :O_O: INDEED THIS IS...
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    Youtube video window won't show?

    I was posting a Youtube video on the Net Vid Theater I used the insert link button to place the link in my post to show the video in the post but all is shown is the link. Did I do something wrong?
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    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Theme...ON VIOLIN!

    YouTube - ‪Lara plays the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers theme song IN COSTUME‬‏ She's in costume too! :buttrock:
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    Father Builds Son Tree House and Neighbors Whine,il >:( What a bunch of fucking assholes. Dad tries to do something nice for his son and other people ***** at him.
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    Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo Is anyone here going??? My uncle called me just a few minutes ago and told me he got a pass (somehow lol) for the WHOLE weekend. He asked me if I wanted to go and he'll give me the pass.
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    Imagin Anime Suit Actor Voice Over

    Youtube After watching uaguruma sou's post from a few minutes ago, I also saw this from the same uploader. :laugh:
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    Malware Detected...again?

    I was browsing the Power Chamber and I clicked on chronoxiong's Studies Show Japanese Population Is Rapidly Losing Interest In Having Sex thread... Yeah funny things aside I get a warning of Malware when I click on that thread
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    How do some of you create your sigs and avatars?

    How do you guys create them for yourself and others if they request so? I've seen a lot of great looking sigs and I've been wondering what programs you guys use to make them. I assume Photoshop would be one but do you use any others? Also for your avatars, what are the programs you use to make...
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    The Force is strong with this little girl

    Just saw this today, but maybe most of you heard about this already. In the sort of heartwarming storyline one might expect from an elementary-school-style episode of "Glee," a...
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    Rooster Teeth's Immersion

    The people of Rooster Teeth, the creators of the popular machinima Red vs Blue, have come up with another web series that answers some of the questions we have on video games. Mainly how or can things in a video game work in real life? I'll post one of the episodes I think the rest of the guys...