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  • Hey Super oni I am working on my profile for the Digimon rp, and I have a few digimon choices I'd like to run by you to see who would be ok and not ok.

    Lopmon, Keramon, Dracomon (Blue), Kotemon, and Candlemon. Please tell me who isn't ok and I'll get the profile done.
    Good. I like a challenge.

    And for the record - I did not create the bodies of the rangers - just every other detail.

    The body templates belong to a user on Rangerboard whose name escapes me at the moment.
    Your work is very impressive actually I may take you up on that offer for said experimental project I'll PM the details to you
    I'm up for helping in any experimental sentai/ranger projects you need.

    I sprite rangers you see.

    These are two of mine

    I'll think about it, for now I got a few things in the pipeline I wanna concentrate on as well as the 5 rpgs I got going (I come up with alot of ideas, a whole lot) and one rather experimental sentai/ranger project. I'll still think about it though
    White and Black are a brother/sister team I'll be introducing around "Episode 15" - After the 3 gain their first set of power-ups.

    Red is still up for grabs
    Ummm so which oni rangers do you need? Cause i know you're going to be blue and kaji is going for yellow. I'd gladly be white or black is someone is heading for red, but if no one is going for red i wouldn't mind being red.
    Actually due to the requirement of real person picturs im out, only put up with them in Kajis because I said I would before reading that part of his rules sorry
    The guy I was talking to has decided to wait until one of the later team members are opened. I'll take a look at your profile
    Heh heh fair enough though do remember people tend to flock to stuff im in lol
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