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    Morbius Reaches Digital May 17, Blu-Ray June 14

    Such an underrated movie! It doesn't deserve to flop in the box office! The theater was so empty when I watched it but I enjoyed every single minute of it. Jared Leto deserves better!
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    Don’t Worry Darling – A 1950s housewife stuck in a stepford wives nightmare

    What if it's the current day, and males are keeping women from the 1950s to keep them from becoming self-sufficient? Since the storyline states that this is an experimental colony, it appears that these ladies have been indoctrinated.
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    New Stranger Things 4 Trailer Promises The Strangest Things Yet

    I am so stoke! Can't wait to see this! I adore this program and this trailer, but I'm perplexed as to how we went from scary monsters to Communist Russians to undead vampires. Is the monster at the end a new villain or is the Mind Flayer being given a more human form? The first three seasons...
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    Turning Red Will Hit Blu-Ray And Other Physical Formats May 3

    Turning Red reminds me of How bad my relationship with my mom is growing up. All she cares about is my Good, but I am such a rebel with the victim mentality.
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    Casper is the Next Classic Ip to get the Riverdale Treatment

    I'm a big Casper fan, and I'm excited about this new series. Steven Spielberg's 1995 film is also one of my favorites. I hope Peacock and everyone else involved in the production does everything they can to give it the true heart and spirit of Casper the Friendly Ghost. We will all love and beg...
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    Unplugging: Eva Longoria desperately disconnects her gadgets to save her marriage

    I am so used to seeing Eva Longoria as the sophisticated sex symbol. Glad she accepted a funny role like this because it's outside her comfort zone.
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    The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent – The Most Nicolas Cage movie ever!

    Pedro Pascal and Nicolas Cage should star in a movie again, A rom com because their chemistry is magic.