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    Disney Preparing Its Own Take On King Kong

    Skull Island will not be the source of material for this project because Warner owns the rights to that setting. I believe that they based this on the one in which he fell in love with a woman and scaled a tower. Due to the fact that Warner Brothers owns it, Disney is unable to make a film based...
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    Willow – Reimagination of 1988 film coming to Disney Plus

    Disney Plus keeps on slaying.
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    Nintendo Reveals Switch Online Offerings For Late May

    Congos Caper was known as Wonder Boy in my country and Adventure time in other regions.
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    True Crime Documentaries available in Netflix that will haunt you

    I watched Don't F with cats and I was shocked what people can do for a little clout.
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    God’s Favorite Idiot, God chose a tech-support employee as the savior

    LOL at Amily kicking the groin of the Horse woman to make sure she is what she claims to be.
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    Abandoned: Emma Roberts thinks buying a haunted house is a good idea because it’s cheap

    If horror protagonists are smart, we wont have a movie. LOL she didn't mind a little haunting, She obviously regrets the decision.
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    Spriggan, A 1989 manga will finally have a modern Anime adaptation

    Republicans will hate this Anime. This series had villainize Murica.
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    Crunchyroll’s June 2022 Release Lineup

    I didn't know that Magical Index have another spin off. This franchise keeps on expanding.
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    Which Kamen Rider kaijin scares you the most? (PIC Heavy)

    I (and some people) wanna know which kaijin (monster) that scares the bejeezus out of ya.If you vote, post here which exactly which kaijin scares you and provide a pic or snap or picture of it.Let me start it off,The monster that scares me the most is... well there are 3 of them.1...