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    SECRET HEADQUARTERS coming to Paramount+

    It's funny how Walker went from having nothing to eventually having three distinct projects on three different streaming sites when Percy Jackson comes out. On the whole, this movie seems incredibly intriguing, and I am eager to see it when it comes out. It's exciting to see a Paramount movie...
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    The Princess: Joey King rather rescue herself than wait for a Prince!

    The response to this movie is a clear indication of the problems with this country and its culture. This movie is about a tomboyish girl who wants to be a knight rather than playing the stereotypically feminine roles of the time. How woke is this? Not at all. Now if she starts identifying as a...
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    TOP GUN: MAVERICK Review: A Triumphant Return that Takes the Breath Away

    I shall declare this movie was a real pleasant surprise for me, going into it I honestly wasn’t all that interested because I never cared for the original Top Gun, to me it was just a really corny, forgettable movie about flying jets, which as a result I expected this one to be as great, but I...
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    Anna May Wong Biopic on the works

    She have a popular quote that makes me feel she have resentment with Hollywood. Every time your picture is taken, you lose a part of your soul.That is a very haunting statement from someone who fell in love with acting.