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  • Thanks~ glad you enjoyed it. And I finished translating ep 4 a while back. My partner is putting it into subs right now.
    Well, my main focus is to get GoGoFive and Kakuranger translated at the moment. Most of my time so far has been invested in GoGoFive, so it's likely that I'll aim to get that one done first. :)
    Glad to hear you're enjoying it. =) Unfortunately, I do not know where to find any raws or english summaries. I knew where to find raws when Megaupload was still up. No clue now.
    Hey, thanks! =) As for Megaranger, as of right now, it is not assigned to any translator, since we all have our hands pretty full. However, as of now, I have been considered to be one of the potential translators for Megaranger. But what I have to finish first are Kakuranger and GoGoFive. And I also need to help get Gingaman released too. After all that is over, there's the potential chance that I might translate Flashman next, and possibly Turboranger, depending on how things are going by then. After all that is taken care of, and if there's still no one translating Megaranger by that time, then I am most likely going to be the translator for it.
    Hi shuaib. I'm afraid Kakuranger, along with GoGoFive is at a standstill at the moment. The main reason is because I am in the middle of finals right now. I will be helping sgtkira with them and get back to full gear after they finish in a couple of weeks.
    Hello shuaib. Oh, Kakuranger just had to be pushed aside for a bit. The main reason is because Dairanger was finishing up, so I had to put my full attention on that. But now that Dairanger is all done, I'm putting my full attention on both Kakuranger and GoGoFive again now. Hope that clears things up. :)
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