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  • Hey Shougo, how are you buddy? ^_^ Hope you're alright and well. I'm sure you heard about Zyuranger being the first Sentai to be legally distributed in the U.S.? Although I remember you saying you didn't care for Zyuranger much, I am still curious as to your thoughts on Sentai being distributed in the U.S.
    Hmm, you seem to have a point there. I mean, I myself don't really know too much about the designers (but I know some designers) and honestly, it's quite difficult to tell which person did which designs. So I don't know if that would really work for me. :/
    Nice Choices Shougo!!! ^_^ I definitely love Hideaki Takatori that's for sure (Y) and I praise Takayuki Miyauchi for his amazing voice (Hoshi yo Nijimuna from Kakuranger is my favorite work of his). But hey, I'm glad you enjoyed my post. I'm hoping to do more in the future. Anything you're curious to see from me? I love hearing input from others ^_^
    Hey Shougo~ I saw your response. Yea I can see that. There have been some points where I just think to myself "**** it, in the end it's gonna be a bad show just wait" (and when I say that, I'm talking like, when it reaches maybe the 6th ranger debut or whatever). I mean, yes there's the Shinkenger team and I like Shinkenger a lot myself. However, I'm not letting myself go crazy just because of that. I mean, if it's anything like Shinkenger, or maybe Flashman, I'll be happy. But if it becomes a joke like Go-Busters, then **** it. All I really want this year is something entertaining.
    Thanks Shougo! ^_^ Actually, pretty soon, I have a Shinkenger rewatch planned in mind since ToQger's bringing back the same team. In fact, I was wondering what you used for your Changeman site as I'm planning to make a website like that, but with Shinkenger (it's turning 5 this year!!). Like did u have to pay for any services, is there a limit to how much you can put on there, etc? I'm just curious is all, sorry if it's too much *bows in apology*
    Hi there Shougo~ I don't know if you know me. but I'm Sebastien, or Sebby-kun. I'm one of the members of the Toku Warriors as well as the man behind Sebby-kun's Otaku Blog. I just wanted to let you know that I personally am one of your biggest fans. I love reading your blog and Changeman website as they are both fun to read and provide plenty of interested information as well as even giving me motivation to want to watch more Changeman (which I did earlier :) ). Sorry if this is too long, I just wanted to get to know you more is all as you seem like a very cool guy :-D
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