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  • TImers are always welcome.
    Please come to the website once it's up again XD or join our irc :)
    Hi. It's SappireMagnum. I was wondering... I have the program to do the timing, so do you think I could try to time something for you guys? (I'd ask you on your website, but it's down at the moment for me.)
    Gonna watch it tonight! :D
    he's already got the keys. just remind him to make the update. :)
    Do you want HJU Blog keys so you can post your release announcements there?
    Answering your question in the Lyrics thread: The scripts on my blog are free for anyone to use, so it's more a question of whether GUIS would like to release them. :)
    ehmm.. are the GUIS team gonna subs Ultra Galaxy Daikaijû Battle the Movie?? it is licensed in US?
    Hi, sorry that I got your message so late

    Yes, I'm still interested in cleaning up the manga for you
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