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  • Mind if we talk? Regarding about my case in maturity, am I maturing or not? Cause in our thread, I kept on getting several comments that I see the opposite. Please help me in the assessment of such. I really am so confused right now.


    Mint. Mint. Mint. Mint....

    Far among the planet Earth, is where your home lies.
    Cure Mint, Pretty Mint
    Cure Mint. Mint. Mint.
    March to the end of the bright, green fields.
    With the Protect Fleur. Thrust!


    We know your kindness and beauty
    Oh pretty Komachi
    Cure Mint, Fighter Mint
    Cure Mint. Mint. Mint.
    Save from destruction. The evil Eternal
    With the Mint Leaf. Shield!


    Green is the color of the lady of tranquility
    Cure Mint, Hero Mint
    Cure Mint. Mint. Mint.
    Go, Strike, Defend our life and happiness.
    With your Emerald Saucer. Fly!
    I made it three episodes in and got really, really annoyed really fast. Actually, it annoyed me a ton in episode ONE but I pressed on to give it the good ol' three-episode-try, to be fair. Too much terrible CGI, too many forms (even though Luna Joker was HILARIOUSLY AWESOME, I will admit), too many unnecessary gadgets, annoying CGI megavehicle, more unnecessary CGI, obnoxious female lead with a stupid gimmick (the slipper in place of Natsumi's pressure point), giant monsters where none were really needed, MORE unnecessary CGI, etc., etc., etc. Oh my GOD did it annoy me. I tried to like Double, honest, but it just wasn't connecting for me, man. I tried watching more clips of it a few days later to see if it had improved any. Nope, not really.

    What I hate even more is this AWESOME rider design they've created in the form of Skull. I have no intention of continuing Double at all but Skull looks so cool I'm seriously tempted to pick up the Figuarts figure they put out. Really. If they wanted to really do a noir-themed series they ought to have used Skull as the main and ONLY rider with only one form and just the gun as his weapon. Loose the unnecessary CGI and useless gadgets and stick to simple, down-to-Earth fisticuffs for the action, lower the color palette and film it real stylishly instead of Toei's usual, "We're trying to be stylish but we're really just pointing and shooting" cinematography...

    Basically, it'd take a miracle for Toei to EVER consider doing something I'd like to see them do. But whatever. Whatever! I'll shut up, this is the wrong thread for this rant anyway.


    Yay, Ultra Galaxy Legends! Yay, Tsuburaya! The only major tokusatsu-producing company that's worth a **** in this day and age!

    Jared, you couldn't have put it any better.

    I gave up on Toei for the same, exact reason.

    But people have to remember: Toei, like Toho, is a corporation. But unlike the economically conservative Toho, Toei is far more liberal, today more than ever. So much so that they allow Bandai to have as much control as they want, and go on creative autopilot. And the results are an eyesore and betrayal to the original creations. And economically, more is less.

    On the other hand, even under the umbrella of TYO, Tsuburaya is, first and foremost, a special effects studio, not a big corporation. They have the final say in what Bandai can and cannot do. Tsuburaya has their own designers on monsters and heroes, and work with Bandai on other aspects (Science Patrol mecha, Ultraman henshin instruments, etc.). Bandai's merchandise is built around indestructible, iconic characters that were never made simply to sell! They're works of art! The key to Tsuburaya's success is creativity, story, and simplicity. And economically, less is more.

    It's no surprise.

    Actually, that's what happen when the movie is not as good as Ultra Galaxy. A friend of mine who live in Japan, who considered both Ultraman and Kamen Rider as a personal hero, still think the DoublexDecade movie suck. He called the DoublexDecade movie: "An embarassment to the name Kamen Rider"
    On the other hand he called Ultra Galaxy: "A beautiful movie, a sci-fi/space opera so good, it's the first one since the new Star Trek movie came that excites me so much"
    You are now aware that despite all of the killing, despite all the unforgivable acts of slaughter, despite alienating the fans, despite being a goddamn overpowered Mary-Sue motherfucker shitbag, this guy, this fucking asshole right fucking here, is still going to come out at the end of the movie as the big goddamn hero.

    Pretty Cure is more like using Toku elements than DBZ style fighting. Splash Star was the most DBZ of them ( ) but it turned off the original audience which was the little girls.

    From an imageboard I hang-out, it was pointed out that Pretty Cure is more influenced by Kamen Riders. It goes:
    Futari + Max Heart = BLACK + BLACK MH
    Splash Star = Kuuga + Agito
    Yes! = Ryuki (at least, the movie is)
    5GoGo = Faiz (Milky Rose is a Takumi)
    Fresh = Blade

    Expectation are high that next year's PreCure would be song-oriented a la Hibiki.

    The story is about a 13 year-old girl named Nagisa Misumi. Then chaos comes when she and her best friend Honoka Yukishiro were kidnapped by the evil cult Dark Zone in order to make them as evil cyborgs in the form of Magical Girls; they are the candidates for the new Noir Queen. But Nagisa (the Dark Zone named her as "Black Stone") escaped brainwashing and she was chased by Dark Zone. At the brink of her death, a mysterious light have sent her into the Garden of Light. She met the Queen of Light and Nagisa was 'purified' by the Queen of Light; she has turned into a Magical Girl/Cyborg hybrid. Through her newfound powers, she took the name of "Pretty Cure Black" to fight Dark Zone and later her friend-turned-enemy before destroying the Dark King.
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