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  • Sanshain kuukan hikari ni notte
    Shiny Mirage tonde kuru
    Shoujo to sanshain ga hitotsu ni natte
    Mune ni kagayaku S maaku
    Akai taiyou senshin ni moete
    Sukkuto tatta taiyou senshi
    Kokoro ni hoshi wo motsu otoko
    Tsuyoku yasashii taiyo senshi
    Are wa (Are wa) Are wa (Are wa)
    Are wa boku-ra no Kyua Sanshainu
    Kyua Sanshainu
    Here's a worst case scenario: If you think that America is a cruel country because of an adaptation, then so does Japan. In fact, you NEVER watched any Japanese adaptation of an American show w/c is a "bastardization." Don't be such a hypocrite.
    If you think that any toku adaptation being bad, then sir you are an idiot. And YOU should get your facts straight. In fact, Saban's Masked Rider is NOT what Toei & Ishinomori wanted on bringing the KR franchise in the US. Please learn more about adaptations. And no, Dragon Knight isn't copying Ryuki since it has an ORIGINAL STORY & they only took the LICENSE! So you hate Decade's version, too?

    My point is this: The fact that Dragon Knight ruining Ryuki is STUPID. Makes sense?
    "Luminous Kick!!"

    Hikaru Hikaru Fuusha wa Touch Commune
    Chikara to waza ga mawaru mawaru mawaru
    Doriru Atakku Heartiel Unction
    To! Kuuchuu kaiten Daburu Kikku da
    Yami e oikaese Kaijin gundan Dark Zone
    Tobe! Luminous, Hashire! Luminous
    Shiny Luminous

    Unaru Unaru Sharin wa Powa no Heatiel
    Seigi no kaze ga sakebu sakebu sakebu
    Daburu Atakku Shiny Kikku
    To! Kyua Henshin Daburu Kikku da
    Yami e oikaese Kaijin gundan Dark Zone
    Tobe! Luminous Hashire! Luminous
    Shiny Luminous

    Hiraku Hiraku Shiny Hearto Battonu
    Shouri no hane ga mamoru mamoru mamoru
    Heart Shield Extreme Luminario
    To! Pinku Kokoro daburu pawaa da
    Yami e oikaese Kaijin gundan Dark Zone
    Tobe! Luminous Hashire! Luminous
    Shiny Luminous
    "That's right, I want to be like the sun... A flower bathing in the light of the sun, CURE SUNSHINE!"

    "And I am the child of the sun! BLACK! RX!"

    "Sister... I AM YOUR BROTHER!"
    I want Kotaro as my big brother. The joke is their speeches, Cure Sunshine wishes to be named after the sun, and RX is the child of the sun. the pause comes from the fact that RX was inferring that Cure Sunshine is his mom, in which he retorts that he's more like her big brother instead
    The issue isn't the ability to make an original Kamen Rider series. The issue is that Tokusatsu fanbase is pretty nonexistent in America, with Saban's RX holding partial responsibility for that. What's the use of putting more time and money for new footage when the original show absolutely has no real hype to it? If you can get a similarly good production by cutting corners (ala what MMPR did and succeeded in the 90's) Why not?
    it depends on which fans. I know ryuki's strengths and DK's strengths as shows. Ryuki was a merch machine (13 riders) and Rider on rider fan service. Otherwise the characters varied and the story was contrived. DK was very solid for the first 16 eps in story, characters and effects until it lagged in the end where it was evident the show was short on budget. Despite that, it was a very worthy effort for those who didn't nitpick too much and saw both shows for what they are.
    Fact is KRDK is a solid show. Fact is that its not mean to replace Ryuki. Fact is people have bias for KR shows but won't admit to their hypocrisy. Fact is DK intro has varying tastes. Fact is Ryuki was actually one of the low rated KRs in Japan followed by Faiz.

    Your personal tastes are then your opinions.
    Shinji becomes a Rider because he won't do what his boss asks him to do. It'd be one thing if he wanted to investigate the disappearances for some greater purpose, but I've never gotten that impression. As written, the first episode has always seemed to depict Shinji as merely curious to me.

    You can argue he tries to use his power wisely from there, though I think Ryuki as written intended viewers to look at Shinji more cynically. I think Ryuki is the kind of show that condemns a character for trying to save others when he can't really save himself.

    At the end of the day, I think it's debatable as to whether Shinji saved people because it was the right thing to do, or because he'd rather play the hero than play the villain. Motivation in that case opens up a great big can of Kantian ethical worms.
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