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    My Power Rangers Battle For the Grid Gameplay with custom music

    A highlight reel of me using Doggy Kruger in Online VS match's with some theme music from DekarangerHighlights from my online matchs with Jen to the Theme song from Timeranger.A highlight reel of my online matches as Tommy with both the White Ranger Skin and The Green Ranger V2 Skin. I...
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    My Power Rangers Battle For the Grid Gameplay with custom music

    Here's an Online Match with Lord Zed with a remix of his theme as custom BGM.Here's a highlight real of some of my online matchs as Gold Ranger with his theme as custom BGM
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    My Tokusatsu Reviews (Blue Flash Station)

    One thread for my Toku reviews to keep things nice and neat. That and it just seems easier for me to do it this way. A side note Blue Flash Station is what I tend to tag my videos with and also doubles as the name of the show.JETMANKikaider Reboot
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    My Tokusatsu Info Vids (an educational resource for new fans)

    While I'm sure everyone hear wouldn't have too much use for them. However if you feel their legit enough maybe it could be seen has helpful tool to share with anyone looking to break into this fandom. For now I'm just putting up my Metal Heros and Garo info vids. The Super Sentai and Kamen Rider...
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    Here's my review's of both Kamen Rider Battride War genesis and Kamen Rider Climax Fighters

    Well since I'm finally able to get this site to work I figured I might as well share my stuff while I'm at it. So like the title said here are the reviews.KR Battride War GenesisKR Climax Fighter's
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    A collection of my Tokusatsu music videos

    I make these purly for fun. Not to compete with others or silly stuff like that. Some of my older vids don't have my Blue Flash Station Tags ,but everything here was indeed fan made by me. If the Dailymotion videos don't display here simply click on the name of the video, which will take you to...