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    Stranger Things

    This 1980s song is now number 1 in iTunes charts thanks to this season of Stranger Things.
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    The Most Hated Man on the Internet: Why is he hated? click to find out!

    He will get his rightful punishment in the afterlife.
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    eSports vs. the FGC if you wish, especially if you're a fan of either Street Fighter or Starcraft.
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    Some Friend THIS Guy Is! XD

    Ao Oni Jikkyou Play Part 2 - YouTubeLong story short, two guys do a Let's Play of indie horror game Ao Oni. This is actually Part 2 of the 16-part series. Just listen to the reaction the poor sod playing has when the main character meets Ao Oni for the first time, and the subsequent...
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    Rurouni Kenshin to get live-action adaptation

    And guess who's playing Kenshin himself...SAUCE
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    Celebrities you still go "OMG" over?

    I know you've been in the Hollywood area and L.A. for quite some time now, and you've probably been around some big names. However, is there still anyone you might know of in which you might still go "Holy crap, I'm in the same vicinity as this guy/gal"?
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    Favorite WWF/E Tag Teams of the Double-Zero's

    Yeah, yeah, we pretty much know WWE isn't all for official tag teams anymore; that's already established. Because of that, I'd like to see which were your favorite tag teams during the '00s.And because of the whole 10-slot max, if there's a WWE tag team that's not listed, just go ahead and post.
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    Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep

    Just recently got the game yesterday. I'm kinda surprised no one's talked about this one, especially since it's been out for a week now.A couple of thoughts:- Aqua. OH GOD, AQUA. How someone like her managed to get past whoever works at S&P for Disney is pretty weird (although they did...
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    Favorite Street Fighter Collab Moments from the same guy that brought you the Street Fighter Stupidity Exhibitions. Still somewhat funny, though.
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    SMB Crossover: The Ryu Hayabusa Trailer those who haven't seen this yet. Overpowered? Maybe, but it's still badass to watch.
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    Sad day for Slipknot fans

    Slipknot bassist found dead in Iowa hotel room
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    Monty Oum's Dead Fantasy Presents: Gee (as originally done by Girls' Generation)
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    So, whatcha playin'?

    A little twist on the "Now Playing" thread thingy. I'm not sure whether or not one was made yet.As for me, Mega Man 10. God bless the dudes who decided to make an Easy Mode for the game, plus the music is BOSS...probably the best music in the entire series (and that's no feat, especially...
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    Best representation of the name "Ryu"

    First off, a comparison:Ryu Terui/Kamen Rider AccelPros: - Hard-boiled detective - Heavy-looking sword (almost Red Queen-ish) - Has own Final Form RideCons: - SERIOUS emo issues - Takes job a little too seriously - A little hot-headedRyu (Street Fighter)Pros: - Won first Street Fighter...
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    Conan O'Brien personally greets fans at L.A. Rally, I know, LOL G4, but still...Pretty crazy stuff out in L.A.