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  • Only if I can find such things, or somehow have them made cheaply. Yeah. lol

    Oh well, I'll figure something out.

    Or got insane trying to. XD

    Holy **** it's 7:20am. O_O @_@

    Well I think the easiest option would be braces, not really gimmicky, just lather straps with silver dragons with ruby eyes on them maybe?
    Can't go wrong with D&D references. XD lol

    I'm still undecided with what CK will henshin with, though I'm pretty certain it will not be a cellphone. :p lol

    Either braces or... the trusted henshin belt. XD
    I so love that armor, got it in my first playthrough of me3, but it costs a frak tone of credits to get so I didn't get it till late in the game... oh well, still a great piece of armor IMO.

    And yeah, that's the new inspiration for the redesign and reworking of Crusader Knight. :3

    So how effective is your Neo Knight Task Force gonna be in the story? Zect effective or Riotrooper effective? XD
    Sounds cool, I like it. Sorta what I had in mind when I was reworking my Crusader Knight idea, in terms of the armor being high-tech meets medievil. Though the helmet wouldn't have an open visor and I was basing it on the Blood Dragon Armor that you can get in Mass Effect 3 which is where I got my inspiration. The visor in mine would be smaller too, sort of like a stylized eyes-shaped red visor.

    Though the powers wouldn't be too magic-ish per say.. not spells. But more ki/ chi power focused. Among a few weapon changes. But I want to keep the scarf idea to my suit too. :3 And a cross is still prominent ont he chest plate.
    Nice spell idea. :thumbs:

    Yeah, a more mobile knight usually helps with fighting multiple enemies. XD Then again that spell could hold them off and he could just stand there wailing on the boss while being protected by the extra armor. lol XD

    Still is cool though. thumbs: :3
    Yeah. Well if he wants to stay that way that's up to him... but I think I'm officially done talking with him from here on out.

    So what ya up to?
    Sometimes I wonder... but this time yeah, I'm pretty sure he wasn't doing it to be funny, other then to himself.
    Just asked what cellphone toy he used for his henshin device, and he won't tell. But that's fine... but the way he said it irked me, especially with the explanation. He didn't want some "untalented hack" to steal it. But it seemed like he was directing that comment at me for asking...

    Though at other times that I've talked with him, I've had to tolerate his behavior. I honesly don't think when he says he has a rough time with people in Japan, that' it's all their fault. I think his attitude is also the cause of it as well....

    Still, the way he responded irked me and then he ended the conversation with: "That's all. Bye, bye." but I could hear it like a mocking tone.
    Indeed. Well you're doing better at naming your character then I am at least. lol

    And I'm learning more and more of how much of an ass Bueno can be.
    Is it bad that I want to tell Michael and Kev to stop riding Bay's dick...? Cause I'm really getting annoyed with their responses, well more specifically Michaels on this issue...
    Maybe since the past few days have been... a fucking pain the ass and busy as hell... that's what's really got me going but I'm just nearing the end of my tolerance level.

    How about you? XD
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