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  • Oh yes they are. And the Gashapon ones are too. Believe me I check EVERYDAY. I got the last 2 Special Panda cores in the televi-kun magazines at my local bookstore.
    Hey man, the OOO medal sets arent selling out over there in japan are they? XD
    I'm in HK right now, so I purchase my figuarts in stores specialize in Japanese toys
    Really? Wow that is really cool! Is the postage rate become USPS rate or still Japan Post rates?
    Thanks. I'm looking for a Yuriko Shiratori poster and photobook of her and Yuria Haga. Used ones is just fine as long as it is in good condition.
    Yo bro. I have been hearing from Tony/Aoiblue that you have you good middleman services. I might take aswell your services in the near future. Do you know if Idol posters are available?
    hey don!
    can u look in the Im goin to Japan! whopee! thread in HJU and help this guy out?
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