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  • *headdesks* The situation was not meant to get intense this early ROFL…..Alban's just a bit off center cause of what Albert said. And by a bit…..I mean massively.
    There are going to be at lot of characters kind of like Ryuki sentai version.
    I got pseudo movie planned for later. Not sure on the details of that. I started him out a Demon Swordsman but he's not like that anymore.
    Good: So far I came up with more character. But the Clan and Evil Mentioned yet so it has no name yet. I am going to work on that so I can get working on the intro and I am going to send every bit of extra info to PM myself. I realize I might not need a beta after all but I will keep the idea open. Since my GF just logged off I am going to get work on editing the first post into the intro. Realizing I got a 4 man team isn't a good thing. Red, Blue, Green, Pink,I wonder if move one my Extras or make a new one....
    What I love about the group is uniform's are very untraditional. Team has Reverse standard with Black being all their primary color and an Extra colors. White/Main color for rival team and one final guy who has no counterpart He's a similar warrior but has not affiliation. He's most like Gaosilver as he will work for the bad guys at start.
    It's cut from my RP cloth so it needs time to grow as individual work. I got more ideas now, so many more, I put some of it down but I don't want to spoil it. Right now I am working on Personalized weapons they don't have a Long Range Weapon yet,but the way their weapon's work they might not need one. Simply put their is power mode in which their partner's Soul's are channeled in the weapon partially.
    This called Channeling Mode.
    Red's attack is a lot like the Gokai Saber's in this mode, but Channeling mode is a Double Edged Sword, so may be they will need one eventually. Not to mention who knows if all Channeling Modes will have Long Range Attacks. Green Probably Pink I highly Doubt it. But what I imagine her able to do, she doesn't need long attacks. Since regular weight enemies will be sent flying.
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