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  • First off, let me apologize for the late response.

    Secondly, it's basically about a group of heroes from different backgrounds are trying to stop a potential Superhuman registration act, instigated by a President who is not whom he seems... A plan is concocted that leads to a Superhuman war.

    I wanted to focus on the people who are badass normals that face off with metahumans: hunters and mages.
    Just those words from alone was the spur that I need to bring this superhero saga to fruition...because being a hero is more about eking out justice to villains; it is becoming that town's will, becoming what that world needs...a Henshin Knight.
    Help you with an idea? Yes...Yes I will do this for this blessed mind of mine was given to me by God himself to make men such as you stronger in your craft! I shall take the peices of iron you possess, forge them into a fine blade, and then teach you how to hone that weapon to vorpral sharpness!!!! HOOAH!
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