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  • LOL theres nothing about it, really :thumbs:
    but yeah, i might find myself at NSW, who knows
    might be jumping around states looking for work if im that hardworking :loltongue:
    haha, good luck with the exams

    um, its my second year here and YES, i love the place lol
    sadly, it might also be my final year if i cant find any fulltime jobs around :disappoin
    hahaha, what are the odds? :D

    im from KL but im only here for my degree. no idea if im gonna continue staying here or going back home for work :p

    Feel free to add me in Facebook if you like.
    Just search ClydeHowlyn, its the only username i've ever used for anythin :loltongue:
    Yes but I got caught up in some real life stuff. I should have it out before the week is over.
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