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  • hi riderProxy, I was unable to go to cash in my check today due to bad weather conditions so hopefully you can expect payment tomorrow. Thanks for understanding :)
    Hey, riderProxy. I sent you emails about the new auctions for the Tricera, Tyranno, and Condor medals being Buy it Nows. I was just wondering if you got the email or not.
    I don't know if you received my message on facebook. I was wondering if u knew where i could find a Dino Commander for under 50 dollars
    hello i send u a message on face booke about rider belts i seen on ur face book also left a message of items i am looking for ad wanting to now if u have them
    Hi, saw your post about purchasing a Kamen Rider w DX belt and Fang memory. Was wondering what the prices were for them. Thank you!
    Hi riderProxy,
    just to let you know that payment was sent yesterday and also notified you via email, thanks!
    Can you get me a DX W Driver, Fang Memory, Trigger Magnum and Metal Shaft?

    How much is the price for each of them?
    Hello Proxy, I was wondering what kind of Figuarts you have, whether they be regulars or exclusives and if you had any OOO drivers on the way
    Hello! I'm new here to the board and i was told u were one of the Middlemen i would need to talk to about import toku stuff.

    i had a couple requests and wondered if i can get a quote from you?

    the things i'm looking for:
    Capsule Gaia Memory SKULL
    Capsule Gaia Memory T2 Joker
    and the Figure-Oh Vol. 151 with the A to Z Gaia Memory Stickers.

    any help would be appreciated, and i have funds or will get funds if your services are available at all possible.

    Thanks in advance,
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