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    [Video Game] Kamen Rider Battride War 2 (PS3)

    Release: June 26, 2014 Official Site: Actors:Kento Handa: Kamen Rider Faiz Musashi: Kamen Rider Caucasus Hiroyuki Watanabe: Kamen Rider Gaoh Mitsuru Matsuoka: Kamen Rider Eternal Ken Matsudaira: Yoshimune Tokugawa Takanori Jinnai: Kamen Rider...
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    [Video Game] Kamen Rider Battlride War (PS3)

    In October the name ''Kamen Rider Battlride War'' was trademarked by BanNam.商願2012-73569 仮面ライダー バトライド・ウォーThis site for a new BanNam game is showing an image of Kuuga's Try Chaser and two more close up images of Machine Kivar and Wizard's bike. The site is categorized under their home...
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    [Video Game] Super Climax Heroes (All New Info in First Post)

    Playable Characters: Bold = New character/form ★ = Original actor voicing the character ☆ = Voice actor reprising role (e.g Imagin) Red Text = Unplayable/Finisher OnlyWizard★ (Flame, Water, Hurricane, Land, Flame Dragon, Hurricane Dragon)Fourze★ (Base, Elec, Fire, Magnet, Cosmic, Meteor...
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    Super Sentai Battle: Ranger Cross (Wii) Bandai Namco of course Release date: Fall Genre: ???Get hype :P
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    Imagin Anime 3 - Ultraman Taro to Guest Star

    I figure this is strange enough news to warrant a new thread.For those who haven't heard of this series of shorts, it features SD versions of the Imagin from Den-o doing what they do best (be retarded). The original release contained 10 shorts and ended up being pretty popular so they made a...
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    The climax? Yeah. It ain't ending - read the first post!

    I decided to make a new thread because of some info coming from the tv asahi site about the 4th movie seem to imply much more than what we thought. So I figured it deserved a thread so everyone can read this because the posts in the movie thread get overlooked.. If I'm wrong for making a new...