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    Juri Han and Kimberly revealed for Street Fighter 6

    In this game, Juri is wearing a queen's attire. They brought back a ton of her tools from SF 4! Holy crap. This is like a dream come true for a Juri main! The similarities between her dive kick and Level 3 in this game and her OG Ultra in SF 4 are mostly subtle. I can't wait to meet her in...
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    Wanted: DX Tenkuujin

    Like the title states, I am looking for a DX Tenkuujin, complete and for a good price (under $100 with shipping). I see at Toy N Joys that they have one in stock, but I don't know if that is trustworthy or not and if they are still giving people problems. If anyone has one for sale, I would be...
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    Post your collection

    Post you PR/Sentai toy collection and your Toku collection if you wish.Here's mine:MMPR S1: Megazord Dragonzord Titanus Power Morpher and Power Gun/Sword Dragon Dagger 8" Green Ranger Power Blaster Custom Green Ranger Morpher (work in progress) Fan Made Green Ranger CoinMMPR S2: Red Dragon...