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    RPG Stories Kickstarter Launching September 1

    This looks neat, Hope they get the money they needed
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    Tokusatsu Temptress: ReLoad

    Tokusatsu Temptress is back! Join, please!
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    Copycat Spam?

    I don't know how to call this case. Spambot? Copycat? Or are they same person? Actually, I usually do that in Chinese BBS :redface2:.
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    Tokusatsu Temptress

    Hello, guys. I'm Rasczak, new member here. I love tokusatsu things, but not many chances to watch it. Still, I always looking tokusatsu news update especially who is idol will appears in the show. Yes, formerly I love tokusatsu because its sfx but now my main attention is the girls. After some...