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  • Can you take care of the Albino Joker for me? Control Shinobu ONLY for that instance, then put him in a coma over the strain. I want to finish but...things...came up...family things...I don't know if I'll be RPing anywhere for awhile, so...please understand, RK. I'll Come back again, I promise...
    thats a fancy way of saying I have to pick up the slack if Matrix gets lazy.
    Besides man, you'd have to call everyone a fag and metaphoically pee on our laptops before you would get kicked out of this RP.
    I thought I was gonna get kicked or something for making an argument in a RP. XD Plus you're co-mod of the RP. You are co-mod right?
    I dunno. I'd post it in Sign Up but that bring too much drama. And you have no IMs so... yeah. XD I completely have no idea.
    Eh... I made an idiot out of myself. I came from a RP community that's... run differently. Ya know, somewhat in an organized manner which is exchanged through IMs. So yeah... o_o;
    the people he doesn't fight I will post later.
    but for now he attacks all the good guys.
    The bad guys haven't been revealed.
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