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    Nope, but it is definitely on my list to hit eventually.
    Post just pretty much Debuts from KR and stuff. I used to do SS too, but I don't watch Goseiger all like that. SO someone else is doing Sentai, while I do KR.
    That..That's...dude seriously?
    As if the point wasn't clear enough!
    Sorry, I made a mistake and missed the thread when I was looking, my bad.
    But yelling at me twice, after I acknowledged it?
    That's just mean.
    If you don't want to talk through AIM come to the IRC chatroom. the server is irc2.magicstar.net and the room is #MOCTPokemon
    A little too late man...I already finished Blade's world.
    If it's any consolation, it was Tiger who controlled you for most if the fight.
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