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    Attack on Titan is coming to Dead by Daylight!

    The Armored Titan is the size of a Building. Lady Dimitrescu is taller than the Oni. I would love some horror Anime to be adapted into a chapter. Lucy from Elfen Lied will be a terrifying Killer.
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    Danny Trejo Is THE PREY June 7

    How I wish he is making a new Machete movie instead, I know he need to make the ends meet that's why he gotta make this this movie for survival.
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    Senior Year, A 17-year-old cheer Captain got a 20 year comatose from a Pyramid accident and woke up as a 37-year-old

    Great movie, I love the Twist with Bri Loves in the end.
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    Kamen Rider Hibiki

    Hello ther,I would like to check if anyone have seen a real Hibiki suit before? I wonder how does they wear the mask and suit. Or any rider?How can the other rider see with a black glass in the helmet?
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    need help from forumers here.

    helloo people, i would like to check if anyone have kamen rider Hibiki esp 44 subbed to sent me? my computer have error on bit torrent file, it will hang, can anyone upload it here? please, i really wan to watch. thanks
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    Kamen Rider/ Power Ranger Suit Structure.

    Hello people!I would like to know about Kamen Rider & Power Ranger Suit Structure. Im doing a report for my school. Please help me!Firstly:Helmet -How do they see thru when they are masked up. Usually, we can't see thru the black thingy buy are u sure they can see us? They see in B/W...
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    Being a Rider

    Would you be a rider if u are given a chance to?Why?Please also state what are the troubles and benefits of being a rider? Share your thoughts. :)