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  • I got up early this morning just so I could watch some episodes before I left.

    I can't wait to marathon it when I get home! :anime:
    He showed the video of the people who auditioned (the original four but minus Thuy Trang, there was a different Trini before who appeared on the pilot ep), video of the somewhat violent version of the pilot and where did they get the name Tommy Oliver. He even said that Zeo was sued (along with Oliver) because there was this thing called Chicago Zeo Toilet Crystals product. XDD
    Still tired after that convention here in Seattle last Friday-Sunday. Had the chance to meet Tony Oliver and got to see his history of the Power Rangers. And spent my earned money there, starting again to none. XDDD
    Glad your back bro. Nothing major's happened here while you were away. Except the whole pony invasion...
    So on your first day back, there have been flame wars about abortion, gay marriage, and interracial relationships.

    Pretty good as well but right now it's spending time more on the house before October 12 (which is my school term). Still looking for a part-time job though. :)
    It's time to conquer HJU?

    I was worried for a minute because I saw you logged in on the 14th, but on the 16th, it said you were banned. I knew you couldn't have gotten permabanned THAT fast.

    So welcome back! Hope your stay is a little longer this time :thumbs:
    ...and I'll be taking my mind out the gutter. Stupid environmental influence, why must you corrupt my innocent mind!?
    Still nursing my wounds from the defeat that was handed to me by you. Stupid fast postin' skillz, why must you be so fast!?
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