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    The Most Hated Man on the Internet: Why is he hated? click to find out!

    He may getaway from his wrong doings but not in the afterlife where he will be judged.
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    ELVIS Review: Once the King, Always the King

    I watched this movie tonight, and Austin Butler was amazing. At one point, I forgot I was seeing an actor portray Elvis Presley. It will be a helluva tragedy if that man does not win some significant acting honors for this part. Austin vanished become Lisa Marie's dad.
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    Grace and Frankie achieved something most Netflix shows didnt

    How I wish the following shows got the same fate: Santa Clarita Diet, The Society,Samantha!, Julie and the Phantoms, I am not okay with this, Glow and Altered Carbon. 🙏🙏
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    Our Father – A true Crime Story where all the victims are alive

    I watched a news about this crazy doctor before. His crimes was never punished! He already passed away by the time his experiments on patients got discovered.
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    IMDB TV Rebranded To Something Even Weirder

    It is like a Pathetic attempt to appeal to the Gen Z.
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    The Bubble (2022)

    I resonate with the scenes where they dye of boredom because of the quarantine. I got positive with Covid and it was not fun.
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    All of Us are Dead : A Highschool Zombie Apocalypse

    Amazing Show! I want a second Season and this is a Symbolism that Bullying is a virus in High School because all of these Started because of Bullying. lying.
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    Will Smith won an Oscar but its not the Reason why people are talking about him

    You should not stoop to the level of someone who is making an offensive Joke. I don't tolerate violence and will even refuse to apologize to Chris while Chris remained professional the whole night.
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    Sonic Origins Is The Ultimate Shrine To The Hog’s Glory Years

    It is time for the zoomers to see the greatness of these games! They should realize 2d pixel games of my time are cooler than those Fortnite things they play.