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    Squid Game: The Challenge auditions announced together with Season 2

    I want to Audition, Are the players going to play the exact games from the show or are they going to be surprised with different games.
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    Used Comic Trades's a list there. I'm based in the UK so remember to factor that in. They're all in great condition and i'd say there are some rare-ish editions there.
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    Did you write a new ending?

    I'd heard that the original plan was for Dillon to be Venjix's final body in secret. -the episode would be the missing 'RANGER BLACK'.When you found out that PR was probably being cancelled did you change the ending to make it happier, or did you just not know the original plan?If you had...
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    Could Gokaiger be set in the world of the Sentai VS. movies?

    Think about it. In those movies, we're to assume all the sentai co-exist in one world. This makes it an alternate universe. The events of the VS. movies sometimes do not fit within the regular universe -see, the Go-Ongers learning to use Engine Ken.This is proven on more than one occasion...
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    Which episodes have fang form in?

    I need to know as i'm creating something.Wasn't entirely show where to post this, as i'm not asking for the footage, just asking for the episode numbers.
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    Where's it best to start with Ultraman?

    Have to admit, Ultraman is a grey area in my toku knowledge. I've pretty much seen at least some of everything but it.My friend told me he really liked it but I sorta shurgged it off. Oddly, I've now got a sudden urge to watch it. Obviously I can't start from the beginning due to lack of...
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    I wrote an open letter to Toei. doubt they'll ever read it, but it's worth a shot.Opinions?
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    Morphin' Time have a video stream, currently showing Power Rangers, Digimon and Batman Beyond. (Batman Beyond premiere's Monday at 10:30 GMT / 5:30 ESTThere's also a section on the forums to request shows that you would like us to aquire.Hope to see you...
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    WTB: PAL/UK - MEGA/SEGA CD II system.

    Well yeah, i've recently discovered a hack I like called Sonic Megamix has been ported to the SEGA CD and can be burnt to disc and played on the system. It has new levels, characters, abilities, all based on the Sonic 1 engine. But it's essentially a new game.So essentially, Sonic 4.I'd...