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    John Crichton vs Mike Corbett (with a twist)

    It wasn't meant to be a poll.
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    Power Rangers Farscape Galaxy

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    John Crichton vs Mike Corbett (with a twist)

    Farscape's John Crichton vs Power Rangers Lost Galaxy's Mike Corbett (w/o his ranger powers).Their fight will takes place after both men's shows have ended and on the rooftop of The Daily Planet (the one from the Smallville TV series).Anything goes.What happens?
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    If (Movie) Sonic was in...

    the Power Rangers' universe, what would happen from there once lil' Sonic gets transported from his world to the Rangers' via a ring's portal by Longclaw the Owl?Would Sonic get found early on or later on while he's in his teens?Could Sonic survive in the PR 'verse?Might he meet the...
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    [Comic] Create your own Justice League of Avengers team!!!

    You can make your own JLofA roster as big or small as you want for whatever reason, have them go where they need to and why. In fact, you can make more than one JLA team.Couple of rules you'll have to follow on this thread though.1). The Marvel and DC characters you are only able to use'll...
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    50 States Initiative Game (A Post-Civil War Game)

    I'll list a state, then the next poster makes up that team's roster for that state. Then other posters post another state and then the next poster makes up that state's team roster.Lather, rinse and repeat until we have 50 teams in this fun challenge.Here's the guidelines.1. Maximum roster...
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    What if...mutants never existed?

    What if there was an earth in the Marvel Multiverse called Earth-100? ...An earth where mutants never existed (a world with no Magneto, no Prof. X, no Externals, Apocalypse, etc)? Would someone like Namor had just been a human/atlantean hybrid as oppose to being a human/atlantean/mutant hybrid...
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    Twisted Metal Mash-Up '012

    There are certain people that have entered the Twisted Metal contest. A competition to gain the glorious Dragonballs that'll grant the winner any wish they desire (no matter how rare, costly or impossible it would be). They can't use their internal and external special abilities during the...
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    I am vengeance. I am the night. I am Wolfbatman! (Awkward Scenario Thread)

    One night, a young non-bender from the Fire Nation witnessed his parents being burn to death by a fire bending robber after coming out of a theater.After that traumatic ordeal, the boy vowed to go against crime of all forms.Can the boy keep to his vow?How many preparations would the kid...
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    The Red Samurai Ranger vs The Mighty Morphin' Red Ranger

    Jayden & Jason will morph and then they'll go one-on-one in this Red Ranger battle in SatAM Dr. Robotnik's Control Room. The two combatants will ONLY use their wits, strength, will, determination, swords and Ranger suit abilities for this fight (Jayden with his Spin Sword and Jase with his Power...
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    Sweet Tooth: Large And In Change

    Sweet Tooth has taken over Twisted Metal from Calypso and now the killer clown has invited some new contestants for the latest tournament. Including the former head honcho of the tourney itself.The new drivers, 'sides Cal, are...Darth Vader (Star Wars) Mandark (Dexter's Laboratory) Cobra...
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    Calypso's Revenge

    Calypso announces to the new contestants of who he is, what Twisted Metal is all about and tells them what their ultimate prize be if anyone of them wins the competition (Cal also make it known what the losers of TM will only ever get).What kind of weapons and vehicles would those chars use...
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    Twisted Metal Mash-Up 2

    This thread will have a similar scenario as the other Twisted Metal ones I've already did. Only this time, some previous contestants have return and are going to compete in TM again so they can gain a wish from the devious Calypso. Not only that, but new competitors have entered the tournament...
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    What happens if Marvel decided to put all their regular titles on hiatus

    hiatus while making 20 new one-shots that will arrive weekly during January 2005 just after Avengers Disassembled? What if the one-shots centered mostly on the B, C & D listed heroes and villains as they figure out who's the culprit that made the A-sters disappear, why they (as in he, she or...